Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Honey nut no more...

Honeycomb bear...you're next pal! Before you question my sanity, i was taking requests for "objects" to place in his hands...the bee was the winning request.


Aaron Ludwig said...

This is hilarious-- sweater and all.

antonior said...

My compliments!
So much tallent. What a splendid characters...
I'm a portuguese painter looking for art in the blogs, and I'm glad I discovered your work.
I'll be bak

Jesse Hamm said...

Funny and brilliantly painted. Loving the art! Keep 'em comin'!

Mindy Lee said...

Panda made me happy. he he he

Finderbar said...

Man your art is amazing. Very inspiring!! Thanks for sharing

Tom Scholes said...


jason hazelroth said...

Oh sweet...I love the looks and the moment you captured

Jonathan Hoffman said...

This has fantastic composition and character - I love it. Would you be amenable to me borrowing one of your designs for a sculpture?

joverine said...

HAHA so good
love your style
so fresh and vibrant with a hint of 'darkness'
especially in this pic lol
looks like the Honey Nut Cheerios bee...is it? lol

gonna throw your blog in my blog roll so that i get all your updates
too good


Nathan Lindsay said...

HAHA! this is awesome. I love honey nut cheerios and I love this painting.

Sebhary said...

That is what "Kung fu Panda" did with the "Bee movie". ^^p

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