Saturday, November 28, 2009

Little Bro


joverine said...

best anime evar! er maybe FLCL but this is damn close
great colours too btw-also lovin the evil Lion O!...RAWR
you gonna do a 'good' mummra next?


Tom said...

Your work is amazing. Do you have a sketchbook or artbook for sale???

The Cheshire said...

I also want to know similar things to Tom. I really like the little brown furry thing and was wondering what it would take to get an image just of him or him and others like him. Also, I have a small company which i need an illustration for. Are you at all interested in free lance work? If so could you contact me: nickybritt at gmail dot com
Thanks a lot and I love your work.

Genevieve Tsai said...

Simon & Boota! I LOVE GURREN LAGANN! In fact it's so cold right now I am wearing a GL beanie. My room is filled with GL toys and posters and stuff. XD

Morgan said...

A fresh tribute to an incredibly under-appreciated series! Loving your work.

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