Friday, January 29, 2010

I see your motivation, and raise you a Bananaphone...

I was looking at Mindy's blog today and all the cool stuff she's doing, and i told myself, "Get off your butt you lazy bum and start postin."  I had no idea what i was gonna do, but i was gonna do something.

Not really how I would have liked to start the new year, but sleazy greaser monkey is what my motivation made tonight. If there's anything really to be learned here, i think its this....When you start painting, have a plan.

But i had fishsticks and tots, and i got games to play man.


joverine said...

muwahahah-pretty awesome
yes post more
that's to you...and to me...:P


Dennis Jones said...

...always a good day... uhm, year... when you post something up. Thanks for sharing!

Big Sam said...

Dude! I've gone over your blog and I must say that your awesomeness level is incredibly High! Good Greef! I look forword to this year! I will doing a drawing of you soon! I hope that you will enjoy it!

Михаил Юрьевич Нейман said...

Great job

Danny Araya said...

awesome. I wanna see that guy animated now!

Luispa Salmon said...

man!!...your characters are amazing!!!

Tyson Murphy said...

this is too cool for school

joonasjoonas said...

It's time for a new post! ;) I really love this one!

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