Wednesday, February 24, 2010


At least tonight i set out to paint a dragon.  Task complete.  I did bunt on the wings though.  Looking at it now, i don't think they were needed in the first place...sadface.


Tyson Murphy said...

i like the wings. wait wait. no.... i love the wings. there we go. i love it all. i love him.

Mindy Lee said...

Awesome. :D

spando2 said...

love the design!

XAV said...

eheh, i love both design and expression !

scott said...


JuanD Tenorio said...

Absolutely great job!

Patxi Pelaez said...

I really love the desing.
Great job!

Luispa Salmon said...

awesome...really just one night? many hours did it take you?

tabletmonkey said...

After work i look forward to something different so thats why i try to squeeze it into one night no matter what. My patience for tedious work is about zero when i come home.
I usually start painting at around 10, after i make some dinner, relax, and play some games. So if you look at the time i post, thats when i'm usually done. Most take around 2.5 hours depending on how many crap ideas i toss out at the beginning.

tabletmonkey said...

Oh btw, thanks for all the kind words everybody. i never really post comments because i never know what to say, but all the encouragement really puts a smile on my face and charges me up for a days work.

pbcbstudios said...

great stuff on this blog! -


Carlyle said...

That is one of the sweetest dragons I've ever seen. Great work man, this blog never dissapoints.

Enosh Bar-Tur said...

Very very inspiring. I want to draw a dragon now. :)

Marlon Felipe Piloni said...

fucking awersome

ZaR said...

Very cool!

Eduardo Vieira said...

Ok, man. This one is ABSOLUTELY cool. I have to say tis is one of the coolest cartoon dragons i ever saw, haahaahaha =D

Esaulov Ilya said...

велеколепный образ!.Отличное исполнение!Очень понравилось:)

Jesse Hamm said...

Looks awesome!

I don't think the shapes of the wings are as strong and unified as the rest of the body's shapes, but I do think wings are needed to help distinguish this dragon from a dinosaur.

Loving your other recent posts as well!

Nathan Lindsay said...

yeah, this is awesome.

Genevieve Tsai said...

These are incredible! I love your work!!

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