Friday, April 29, 2011

Ceci n'est pas une pipe

Zombie pirate.  Its not that I don't enjoy zombies or pirates, i had just hoped i would be able to dig down deep and really come up with something different tonight.  He's actually half cool zombie, and half lame pirate.  I really blew it on the outfit, more like Pirate dinner theatre than authentic brigand.  For those of you who ask if there's anything i do like..I'm very pleased with his right boot.


Robert Nitiredjo said...

Love it...what's not to like? The little worm coming out of his ribs, the smoke skull, not to mention his expression. As for his outfit, I dig his pants, especially how they fold around his right knee. Class.

Gill Face said...

You can never go wrong with a zombie/pirate mix!

D'ya mind me asking what brushes you mainly use for your quick sketches?

Your renders look so rich and painterly!

Cory Loftis said...

Thanks guys! For the brushes I use, I work primarily in Painter 11. There I only use 3 brushes, a colored pencil, a pastel variant i've made with a ragged edge (thats muh blendy brush), and a digital watercolor that i use to apply washes of color. I also work with zero paper texture; i've never really been a fan of how that feels. Hope that helps!

Emerson Fialho said...

Espetacular, meu amigo!
Você sempre arrebenta nas criações!
Sou fã do seu trabalho, parabéns!!!

Abraço cordial.

Charlène Le Scanff said...

Well... I like it. Colors are really beautiful, and I agree with Gill: Zombie/ Pirate mix are always cool!

El Fro said...

haha ... before I read your comments, I thought, "man, that's a nice boot ..."

Phabio said...

Really it isn't!

Len Kiraly said...

Hey Cory! you mentioned your "pastel variant i've made with a ragged edge" anyway you can export and share that? :D

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