Thursday, June 16, 2011

Audio Fartatum

This is proof of my procrastination.  It was just supposed to be a fun quick sketch, but yeah...i just finished it.  Now i have more work tomorrow.  But it was totally fun.
I love the idea of the "dork" clique in a school for magic.  The idea that there's cool magic and lame magic.  Like the football captain shows up on a unicorn to take the prettiest girl in school out on a date.  And then there are just a bunch of loser wizards sitting in a basement, using their wands to make fart noises.  Sprout and Longbottom are the fart noise wizards...not the ulitmate date unicorn wizards.


Britni Brault said...

Seriously LOVE this HP art=) The detail and the life in each character are my favorite

George Bletsis said...

Oh man, everything about this is seriously cool - and I'm not even a Harry Potter fan!

Clo said...

Haha I love your Longbottom!

Brandon O'Donnell said...

The life in your characters is fantastic - blows me away every time.

Robert Nitiredjo said...

Beautiful drawing and great characters, well done!

galvinator said...

wow brilliant!

Noel said...

Very nice drawing, i like this new pencily look.

bruno said...


I follow your blog with assiduity and I really like the freshness, the nature and the spontaneity that emerge from your work.
Could it be possible to know on which software you draw ?

Many thanks and good continuation.

Aaron Ludwig said...

This is awesome stuff. Great great characters--tons of appeal. Very inspiring!
Can we get a Hagrid/Madame Maxime next? :)

Seema said...

LOL loving these Harry Potter sketches :) Great stuff!!

Joseph Mingoo Lee said...

so good!!!

Drew Pierce said...

Amazing stuff Cory! You're work is so inspiring! This one has so much personality and texture.

Chao Hui Lin said...

lot of story. nice setup

Petr said...

Здорово. Очень понравилось ))

Mark Montague said...

Great style and work you have on your blog.

"TORI CAT" said...

Big fan of your work!!
I especially like the bear you recently did sat in the chair. He reminds me of my recently late grandfather. (check out my blog, i too have just drawn some bears as a tribute to him)
I love the hagrid on the motor cycle and the background with the crooked house!!
In fact i love ALL of your stiff!!!
I'll certainly be back soon!!
Best wishes,

Becca~ said...

This is really stunning!! Really reminds me of some disney master sketches I've seen with a little Ronald Searle mixed in. Really fun!! Thanks for sharing =)

Julia Bax said...

Your drawing skills just blow me away man.

Sarah M. said...

I really love this art piece. It reminds me of the illustrations for a story book I had as a child. I love to see such fluid work. It's a quality I hope to achieve on day in my own works.

abhishek singh said...

love the piece, AWESOME blog btw:)
linking you right up, so i do not miss anything from now on:)

andr-X said...

Great sketch

Scaloso said...

Amazing blog .... really inspiring !!! Thank !

DAN! said...


DAN! said...

you work only in digital for this illustration?whit sintic?

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