Friday, January 06, 2012

Wolfy McHowlerton Esquire

I started out wanting to draw an owl dressed as a dapper british gentleman.  I drew this werewolf instead.  Not sure how it happened, the whole time I was painting werewolf, I was thinking to myself how awesome that owl would be.  But there ya go, in the evenings my hands just kinda draw what they feel like....not necessarily the things I want to draw.  I did get uncharacteristically fussy over the ground cover.  It was relaxing, but man...two episodes of Breaking Bad worth of mushroom and grass noodling.


flick said...



I think he ate the owl. Great work, love your illustrations

Juny Chen said...

cool, also the cute mushrooms on the ground grab my attention. nice piece!

Courtney Pearson said...

Werewolves win!! Lovin' it!

Dave Greco said...

love it

sirfrancisdrake said...

awesome, reminds me of the badguy from the great mouse detective.

Jonathan Teng said...

Ah breaking bad... so perfect a show to accompany such great painting.

Emerson Fialho said...

Muito bom!!! Super legal!!!

Aminder Dhaliwal said...

This is so awesome!

I like calculating how long things take me in breaking-bad-units as well :)

Gillibean said...

COmpletely wicked like always! What a great pose and silhouette and character and everything! I love that BReaking Bad took your idea of an sweet old and transformed it into this!

Morgan Spicer said...

That's awesome! (and so is breaking bad!)

Adam Temple said...

Haha @Breaking Bad. I'm always not watching something. The owl does sound really cool, but this is a great alternative :)

andr-X said...

Very interesting character!!! Great!!!

Jason Newkirk said...

your artwork is so appealing!

demonseye said...


by the way sir i did a 3d model of your OZ tinman character and would like to ask your permission to continue posting it here:

Juampa said...

Pure genious!

Vince Vassallo said...

Awesome work!

Kaitlin B. Callahan said...

You should combine both ideas and draw a dapper werewolf!

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