Thursday, February 16, 2012

He's All In

Cleetus Faubert and Byron Tannenwhite at the table, riverboat gamblin'.  Kibble and a saucer of milk will be taken on the dining deck once this hand has commenced.

My wife's friend's boston terrier is named Cleetus Faubert.  That probably makes more sense.  Lates.


Andrey Egorov said...

Very cool!!!

Ryan said...

dood, you are great at drawing personality. very awesome as always.

Gillibean said...

Animals in Hats! Hilarious!

Agnes Salek said...

These are just fantastic designs!

Tiago Rovida said...

Ow!!! That´s soooo nice! So cool!!!

Will Terrell said...

Man! The design on that dog is fantastic!

Sylvain Decaux said...

Hahaha, I love that cat's pose and his expression, so awesome !!

Unknown said...

All in, fellas! Great designs!

RYAN said...

Awesomeness. One question... where is Remmington Von Klipperschmidt?

Unknown said...

this is so amazingssss!!!!!

Arianna said...

Ahahahah!!! You are great!:D

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

I think you better call Ceasar in.... ;)

Nice illustrations.

Take care,

Piyush said...

Pleease cane you record one of your awesome paintings and put on youtube/vimeo some day?

Nikhita P. said...

Oh my oh my this is so good!! What personality!! <3

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