Friday, February 17, 2012

Stupid Pony Thing

This is what happens when you don't have any good ideas, but keep drawing anyway.


Garrett Hanna said...


Carolina said...

LOL this is great!!


Unknown said...

Ahahaha! Genial!

Max said...

Seems like the lesson here is keep drawing because it'll turn out hilarious.

Nevena Nikolcheva NEN said...


Unknown said...

Haha! its fat pony! I love it :)

GWhitehall said...

You just described my career, great work as usual.

Aseph ( as-if ) :-) said...

Hahaha very awesome!

Ben Greene said...

*cracks up* amazingly awesome.

M said...

Now whenever I hit an artist block I will think of Poo Brain and get a good laugh out of it.

tredlow said...

Aaw. He just wanted to learn how to be happy...

tredlow said...

Aaw. He just wanted to learn how to be happy...

Mike Bear said...

And it turned out hilarious!

Tim Blair said...

PooBrain is no joke! It's a chronic disease I suffer from. This is fantastic!

Ryan said...

lol'd at this a couple times today.

B.B said...

Ice King strikes again!

Nick Bear said...

Adventure time! :) Yes. Love this.

Jenn Tran said...

this has made me laugh a good handful of times. every time i look at it.

Rachel.A said...

I love this Adventure time's episode ! It's really funny and stupid XD !

Nice pic !

Kevin Parks said...

I laughed till I stopped.

Kevin Parks said...
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Piyush said...

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Justa Louise said...

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Arna said...

Not sure why but I won't easily forget this image. Chuckles.

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