Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Couple of Things

Wreck-it-Ralph is almost here!  Here is the trailer for the first movie I worked on since moving to Walt Disney Animation in 2011.  Super proud of all the work I got to do on it.  Go scope it!

Also, I finally got off my butt and I'm putting a book together with the awesome and amazing Garrett Hanna and Mindy Lee for the CTN expo in November. We'll be at T-97 so stop by and say hey!

Here's a sneak peak.


CharacterDesign Blog said...
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Bobby Pontillas said...

You the man Cory.

Wouter Tulp said...

It looks awesome. I look forward to meet you at CTN!

Beatriz Iglesias said...

Wow! This is gonna rock! :D

Charles Eubanks said...

Well that about clinches it. I gotta get me to CTN!

duep said...

Great work! Ralph looks like its going to be fun and your sneak peeks look very nice.

Steven Roberson said...

Love the cartooning in the sneak peak!

Jeff Williams said...

Terrific, Cory! Save a book for me and see ya at CTN!

J. R. Gallego said...

Wow! Fant√°stico!

Sadaya said...

Wow, I love your work...

Jeff Solway said...


Ryan said...

The wife and I can't wait to see Wreck it Ralph! Also definitely pickin up the book.

Matt Schuler said...

Long time admirer of your blog Cory (I've been following your blog for almost two years?) and I've never commented on your work or any of your postings.
Very excited for the book! I do hope that you bring enough copies of it as it seems as if everyone I talk to loves your work!

Surprised you haven't mentioned your Wreck-It Ralph "Sugar Rush" book, which is most excellent!

Keep on inspiring, and look forward to purchasing the book AND getting to meet you at CTN-X!


Aleksandrova Helga said...

Oh I Love your works! WEE-E-E-E-E))))

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

fantastic! wonderful colors!!

YURI TIMG said...

with all honesty
i would love to get a book on just YOUR WORK!
any chances of that happening soon?

your work inspires me quite a lot


Shane Richardson said...

I'll definitely be stopping by. Can't wait!

artist Dejan Ostojic said...

awesome work

Jeff Maka Merghart said...!!!
Will I be able to get it if I don't make it to CTN?

Tyler Stott said...

The flic looks to be good!

Joe said...

very cool! Hope to grab a copy

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Mark Khalil said...

can't wait to see it! it is gonna be sweet!

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