Sunday, October 28, 2012

November...It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Big things happening this month for me.  Ralph opens in theaters November 2!

 And a couple of weeks after that, I'll be at CTN with Garrett Hanna and Mindy Lee with our first group book!  Its gone to the printers, but here's a look at some of the art I've created for it.


Le Tang said...

Very cool! I'm sure it will be an amazing book!

Mr.Mucho said...

Looking forward to it !!

TANYA LYON said...

I sure would love to get my hands on that book! Will it be available to buy online?

J. R. Gallego said...

I like your work baby! Regards from Spain.

Tooninator said...

congrats on all the awesomeness!

Don Flores said...

you going to have your book for sale online. I won't be making it to CTN this year....

C.Deboda said...

Book? That's another item I'll be adding to the list. Hope to run into you at ctnx.

Joe Giampapa said...

Have your blog as a favorite of mine. You have a great Classic feel to your work. It is very refreshing and always a pleasure to see.

shamil said...

nice works....

Joey Mason said...

Congrats! Love that image!

stephenfmunoz said...

we got an early showing at lucasfilm dude. movie was awesome!! major props on the art of book too. you're alll over that thing!

Jeff Epp said...

That bottom illustration would look so cool on a skateboard. I wouldn't want to railslide and then I would never become pro.

I'll be sure to stop by your booth at CTN.

Ty Carter said...

Haha! Love this!

Awesome job on Wreck it Ralph

Haylee said...

Congratulations on Wreck-It-Ralph, you are a huge new inspiration!

Johannes Scribbles said...


Mike Bear said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mike Bear said...

congrats, dude. just got the book. glad to have your work in print. and great work!

Mike Bear said...

congrats, dude. just got the book. glad to have your work in print. and great work!

duep said...

Just ordered Sugar Rush from Amazon! It looks great! : ) Can't wait to have it in my hands.

milowerx said...

Hey! Great stuff! I run a website on the side that interviews artists across the globe and I'd love to interview you if you're up for it. It's called and you don't have to talk about the hush hush stuff you're doing at disney or anything, it's more about you. We've got 0ver 600 interviews from all walks of life in animation. Check out the site if you have time and let me know if you'd be interested!

Ben Lo said...

awwwwww yeaaa, I got my copy from my coworker the other day, awesome art book, Thanks for the smoooches on it Cory, hahaha, hopefully i'll be able to come and meet you guys next year

Andr-X said...

Awesome Stuff!

Mathias said...

Any chance you'll be making a print of this awesome spread?

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