Sunday, January 13, 2013


I logged in to my priest to pvp some, but its just so damn humiliating to die slowly as paladins and druids spin around you with that idiotic mouse spaz thing they love doing.  I'm working on my bg set, but going into pvp as a brand new, dripping wet 90, doesn't make for a fun I drew!

I wanted to make one of those grungy, photocopy collage gig flyers.  But as I drew angry punk scene women I realized I had to invent a band to make the flyer for.  Couldn't think of crap.  Then I thought, eh, its for a birthday party instead.  But like a kid's party, only with angry women grunge graphics.


Toby Pedersen said...

What priest? Where? Are you playing Baldur's gate??

Lidix said...

So Awesome!...okay I said the same word that the last time...but it is!

Hélène said...

I'd say playing WoW...

Tyson Murphy said...

WHY do i get destroyed as a pally in pvp?? I don't do a ton of pvp, but I'm prot spec'd... seems like i should have at least SOME survivability. I guess I'll stick to dailies like an idiot D:

S said...

I don't play WoW anymore but this collage makes me laugh so hard. It's exactly how I feel every damn time I have to throw a birthday party for one of my kids.

SJ K said...

The collage is HILARIOUS. I am crying with laughter!!! HAHAHAHA

SalBa Combé said...

Wow! The poster is really coooool!
The mouth of the girl in the foreground is incredible.
Another awesome work! :)

Kristen said...

Man, I want to go to THAT birthday party. So rad!

Dave Greco said...

loove the color in the top image. beautiful work.

Taylor Krahenbuhl said...


Jeff Maka Merghart said...

I'd go to that party! Glad your postin again. Guess I gotta do the same :P

Karoline Pietrowski said...

amazing <3

Otomo San said...

your art is soo amazing sir :) U should make some tutorials :) composition , coloring concepts and techniques ... i hope u consider that ... :)

Mr.Mucho said...

I have been following your blog for a couple of years now.
Im a huge fan of your work and coloring style.

Please post more...... and possibly a tutorial on your approach ;-)

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