Wednesday, February 20, 2013


These were done late....without a purpose....just to draw.  Put a couple of them up on tumblr a few weeks back.  I'm gonna try to get back to some more organized stuff soon. The experimenting is fun, but at the moment its not really going anywhere.  And I have lots of work to get done!


Tal Rachmin said...

these are incredible

L ROSSI said...

These are so nice - I just adore the way you render up your images....

Tooninator said...

You're unreal, dude. A true inspiration

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Lou Holsten said...

These are beautiful! I'd love to have a print of the last one.

Franco said...

Wow! These are really inspiring illustrations! I especially love the second one.

John Jurries said...

These are great! Love the feel of the first one especially.

Gaby Suarez said...

Beautiful work as always, Mr. Loftis...

M said...

So pretty. Like the colors.

M said...

So pretty. Like the colors.

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