Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pen to Paper: My Imaginary Friend *UPDATE*

As it turns out, there will be an accompanying book for the show.  "Pen to Paper: My Imaginary Friend" is a collection of 25 short stories by students at 826LA and illustrated by professional artists. The book features more than 70 original pieces of artwork from artists within the animation, illustration, and comic industry from companies such as Pixar, Disney, Nickelodeon and DC Comics.

I was recently asked to be part of the upcoming show from GRWorks in cooperation with 826LA, "Pen to Paper:  My Imaginary Friend." 
“Pen to Paper” is part of an ongoing series of curated shows for the pop-up gallery, which promotes artists in commercial art and supports youth arts in Los Angeles. Students from 826LA created stories around the idea of spending a day with their imaginary friends.
Here's a few of the artists contributing along with myself:

Robert Kondo
Joe Pitt
Shiyoon Kim
Joe Mingoo Lee
Patrick Osborne
Daniel Arriaga
Matt Nolte
Bruce Smith
Chris Sasaki
Pam Tu
Lissa Treiman
Bobby Pontillas
Scott Watanabe
Carrie Liao
Josie Trinidad
Jeff Turley
Everett Downing
Tony Akins
Nicholas Orsi
John Kahrs
Willie Real
Katia Grifols

Here's a peek at some pieces for the show


Wyckens Manddy said...

it's not an elaborate comment but : awesome!

i'll try to come to watch this in real size! :) (i can't tell : is the second one a traditional painting? the first too? o.o)

Aminder Dhaliwal said...

ooh sounds like a really fun show - super cool idea :) love the pieces!

Tegan Clancy said...

What a show to be involved in! I love the imaginary friend design, very original!

Prarambh joshi said...

loved those colors n' especially the first one is a 'GEM'!!!

Carrie Liao said...

Wow these are absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see these in person at the show :)

Leighton Hickman said...

Wow- great stuff!

chucco said...

You have another fan.

Arash Rod said...

I love your style..I can't find anything wrong in your work.
God dammit.. you're soooo Talented..

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