Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Sometimes inspiration is vague, and other times, well, it obvious.  Guess what i just watched and thought was awesome.


Anthony Diecidue (dee-etch-eh-doo-eh) said...

That movie surprised the hell outta me. I really liked it but now I wish you'd had done the character designs. Well done sir. Really love this.

mickael brunet said...


Aaron Ludwig said...


Bobby Pontillas said...


Eric Henze said...

The drawing is fantastic. The movie is fantastic. Wes Andersons animated acceptance speech is also fantastic.

Shane said...

Thats gorgeous Corey... WOW... nice long shape on that head!

Sam Nielson said...

If the movie looked like this I probably would have seen it by now also.

Unknown said...


Juan Bauty said...

I love it O_O better than original!

scott said...

Awesome bud.

M said...

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amir said...

love the shapes ya come up with in every drawing/painting.

Amanda said...

Amazing work! :D

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