Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Worms Never Win

Just another sketch for the night.


Bobby Pontillas said...

Man keep em coming , these creatures have been stellar!

Patxi Pelaez said...


Tom said...

This is awesome! Your work rocks so hard, please put together an art book!!

Fernando Sosa said...

amazing work,man.

XAV said...

super great, as usual !

Juan Bauty said...


C.Deboda said...

Hi, first time commenter here (I think). Great stuff!

Charles Santoso said...

Thanks for the inspirations. Beautiful works! :D

Lu Vazquez said...

Wow. Wow wow wow. Wow on your and your art. Can I move in with you and just hover over your desk to the point where my face is closer to the monitor than yours?

Lel said...

Extremely cool - love the paint work! ^_^

FerdinandKreozot said...

Man, what a gorgeous artwork.
So much to see around here!

Cheers to your awesome skill



Marlon Felipe Piloni said...

buddy, ur a amazing artist!!!
what tablet do u use?
and.. visit my humble blog.

Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

Great blog! Will be coming back to visit.

gaurav said...

i m gaurav(india) i am a concept artist new to this feild i really like u r art if u could take some time out to review my blog it would be of a great help to me the link would be

Lubomir said...

Incredible work, very inspirational, thank you.

Jonathan Hoffman said...

Awesome stuff, as always. I was wondering if you'd be interested in submitting a couple designs for a sort of contest I'm holding - I'm going to post a series of character designs from other artists and then I'm going to sculpt whichever gets the most votes. I love your work and I'd love to be able to snag a couple of your designs as possibilities. Your call of course. You can learn more about it on my sculpture blog.

A. Riabovitchev said...


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