Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Gettin muh sketchin back in shape after the break.  I have a ways to go.


Juan Bauty said...

Amazing character design!!

Emerson Fialho Art Blog said...

Caramba, meu amigo!...
Suas ilustrações são realmente DEMAIS!!! PARABÉNS!!! Sou fã do seu trabalho. Que programa você utiliza para pintar, photoshop? Obrigado.

Abraço cordial e fica com Deus.

Do amigo, Emerson Fialho.

Tabletmonkey said...

Thanks man, I don't have photoshop at home right now so I use Painter 11 exclusively. So edits aren't as easy, but i really like the brushes.

Jelter said...

Awesome stuff! The girl with the cat is a really great drawing.

Peter Oedekoven said...

very nice!

J. F. Souza said...

Very nice character design, dude. The shapes, colors, expression...everything is nice.

Jesse said...

haha, this is great, I wonder what the skull wants.

&Rew said...

gorgeous. lov it.


Adam Temple said...

Yeah man I love your brushwork. I gotta start using Painter. Sick design!

Howard Shum said...

Nice looking work!

Zeitwolf said...

Adorable! I wonder how he looks under his coat (yaeh, totally dirty thought...)

Ryan said...

your eye for shape and design blows my mind apart. i love your stuff.

Freckles said...

Great work on here!!! Keep sharing!

Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

Love energy of the strokes! Great piece.

Trevor Spencer said...

love it

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