Thursday, March 31, 2011

Barbarian Swordsperson

I never really draw hot chicks. But i've been ending up on Paul Richard's site alot here lately, and it inspired me to at least try a pinup tonight. Awkward posing, but i had fun drawing it anyway.  it was the first pose i tried, i just went with it.  Meh.


Jesse Hamm said...

Wow... I searched for Paul Richard's art, and came up with this.

Your piece looks great, though.

Dominus said...

Red Sonja or not, this looks totally awesome! Do post some more pin ups :)

Peter Yong said...

I always get so inspired when I come here :D!

Jez Tuya said...


Pagas said...

Well done!


Adam Temple said...

I've been missing these! Great as always!

Ben Hickling said...

Really enjoying your blog, and it would seem your pin-ups are great too!

Denny said...

Great art, looks like brazilian chicks!

Corey Breen said...

WOW, love this one! great job!

Emerson Fialho said...

Uauuu! Linda mulher... Muito sexy!
Parabéns pela ilustração, ficou fantástica!

Felicidades e sucesso para você.

Kyle Poling said...

Very cool, would love to see more like this!

Mike Crichlow said...

This pic is awesome! Love it! :)

Tyson Murphy said...

yeah paul is ridiculous... Awesome pinup!!

Patricia Corrales ( Nindë) said...

I love it! great work ^^

Marcos Mateu said...

Love it! feels different to the usual approach to this subject as well!

Tooninator said...

You've got this epic way about your proportions. Very awesome!

Paul Richards said...

"Meh" nothing. Can we please hang out sometime?

TUKAN said...

lovely work.....

andr-X said...

WOW! Great!

Cesar said...

Hey, I'm a writer and fan of your work, I was wondering how I could contact you? Either way really good work! Keep it up!

Cheeks said...

oh my.... just stumbled across your blog... I am a fan for life. Your shapes, your colors, your stories are killing me! LOVE IT ALL!

Mark Behm said...


Thomas von Kummant said...

hehehe, i love it!!!
you have some great work on your blog.

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