Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A House

I really don't know.  I wanted to paint some type of background and I did exactly that.  But when i got done, it just didn't have enough story.  Now i want to design some plot to this place.  A monster, a murdered landlord, a ghost, the Weasley's other neighbor...just anything in addition to this lonely house.  I blame all the ham and potato salad; like hammers to the knee of creativity.


Noel said...

nice :)

Rochelle Burrows said...

Your work is just.. too much for me to handle. Love this!

Jez Tuya said...

Oh wow... this is beautifully painted!

Dominus said...

f*ing amazing, you rule!

Walter Rodriguez said...

Simply beautifull :-))

Robert Nitiredjo said...

Eerie, I like it! The house even has personality, very nice.

Jeff Solway said...


Bob Nelson said...

Super awesome fantastic! Such great atmosphere and mood. I'm really digging the clouds. Thanks for sharing all your amazing and inspiring work.

Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

This is great. would love to see some more environment stuff from you like this!

Justin Owens said...

Adding more story elements would be cool, of course, but this piece already feels like much more than just a background plate. Great job, I love the feel of it.

Scott C. Gwynn said...

Very fantastic. I love how much these middle values contribute to the mood. Beautiful!

Marlon Felipe Piloni said...

Master Loftis, I love your work, congratulations, you are an example to me.

Greig Rapson said...

I wonder what's on that little note nailed to the fence post. Beautiful piece!

Paul Tinker said...

This is awesome Cory.

Nearchos said...

Wow! Thumbs up!

Aaron Ludwig said...

Super sweet. Great stuff.

Emerson Fialho said...

Simplesmente INCRÍVEL!!!
Muito bom mesmo! Parabéns!

Tooninator said...

man, this rocks. I just love your work

Sylvain Decaux said...

Great mood and suberb colors !

Cody said...

This is now my background on my laptop.

Sam Nielson said...

You're good at environments, too? G'aah!

Phabio said...

Awsome color palette! Rocks in a country-side way!

Mihir Malavia said...

Great painting! Really dig the colours and composition. Your thick, broad brush strokes lends to a nice unique painterly style. Very Harry Potter-esk atmosphere achieved. Awesome job!

gaurishankar said...

beautiful.....i like your simplicity.

scott said...

Wow bud knocked this one out of the park!

Paul Richards said...

A single blade of your foreground grass has more story than anything I could come up with! In any case, this is a triumph.

lautrette said...

That , is, pretty !!!!
good job!

Becca~ said...

This comes alive. It's brilliant.

DaveL said...

It's the Adams family summer home!

Pappylicious said...

"The man put me in the mind of the world's oldest and most uninviting bed. He was lumpy where he shouldn't have been, his joints creaked like rusty springs, and he had the most peculiar smell...one that you didn't want to think too long on, for fear that you might actually remember where you smelled it last.

"The river, one night it just come right over and paid me a visit!" he cackled. The stale air of his breath made me decidedly nauseous as it whistled past his single rotted tooth. I definitely wasn't staying for the shepherd's pie.

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