Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Come at me Bro!

Tito's Christmas card list just got a whole lot shorter.  Here is that moment when Tito and Dartanian return from a day's hunt to find their entire village vipermancered.  Malfrancis has permanently cursed this village; from the dead sprout new vipers ready to ambush anyone coming to the village's aid.  What a jerk.  I should mention that the viper's venom attacks the soul.  It kills it, leaving the body an empty husk like a zombie.  Plus the bodies are really gross looking.  All pale like Malfrancis.


ScotlandBarnes said...

Wow - he really is a jerk. Damn cool pic though! Awesome!

George Bletsis said...

Damn this is evocative! Awesome work.

lazydyno said...

just remember me for the red hood story.. awesome artwork...

Francesco the Pusher Castelli said...

Wow! Very inspiring!

Jeff Solway said...

very cool!

Adam Temple said...

Cool! What's this for?

Emerson Fialho said...

Espetacular... Parabéns pela bela ilustração.

A.C. Braxton said...

Great colors! It really sets the mood.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I am completely in love with your work.

Just thought you should know.

Gom said...

Congrats, great pic!

andr-X said...


NPMartin said...

I'm loving the atmosphere.
It's like a big storm had just passed, but the danger still lingers!!

Danny Araya said...

I would kill to see this as a short comic story with the same tongue-in-cheek undertones you've had in your descriptions.

Becca~ said...

This whole series is rockin! Thanks for sharing!!

abhishek singh said...

dramatic and very expressive of your story:) love it.


Amazing work Corey. I'm glad I found your blog.


Tez said...

Wow. Just found your Blog and I feel like Aladin, stumbling across this big cave...
Such amazing work!

kirockk said...

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Dave Greco said...

Recently came upon your work, truely inspired. Definately a style I love.


Art Man said...

Fantastic! Inspiring stuff. Many thanks!
Do u have any tutorials on drawing characters etc please?

aisha said...

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jason hazelroth said...

I always love your work and this one is no exception. Everything to the composition and lighting is dead on. I love it!

Michael Babbage said...

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