Sunday, October 06, 2013

CTN and More!

Woah, its been awhile since I've updated the old blog here.  Sorry about that.  I think I've reached my limit of social media platforms I can post artwork on.  Sorry instagram and pinterest, take a hike.  You can find more work over on my tumblr, my facebook page, or now on my twitter.

Aside from that, I'll be at CTN again this year at Table 54 and 55 with the very talented duo of Mindy Lee and Garrett Hanna!  So stop buy, scope our stuffs, and say hi.

Also, its been awhile, and Frozen is almost here (November 27) so check out the trailer!

I guess I should add that I worked on this movie.  Shouldn't expect you guys to just know that.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This has no purpose.  I started drawing a room and just filled it as I went.  Ta da.  Plus I watched through to the beginning of the last Doctor.  I'm missing David Tennant already.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Gonna be in San Diego next week with Mindy Lee and Garrett Hanna and our book Catra Sees All.  We'll be there, with some prints, posters and stuff, hanging out at booth 5641.  Stop by and say hey.

If you're curious why Brock fan art to accompany the booth ad...why not.  Works for me.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Gregory Dazzlepalms

Not sure why this picture exists.  I had sat down last night with the full intention of making some Game of Thrones fan art.  But my brain drew this instead.  Sometimes you just need to paint stuff...they're not great ideas, they don't make sense, but you're compelled to draw them.  Better get them out of the system so they don't keep showing up at the worst times, like when you're trying to get a book cover done, or work on comic idea.  That would be super inconvenient.

I did recently watch Rebecca Sugar's preview of Steven Universe, so that explains the gem.  

Monday, April 29, 2013


And with the magic of the interwebs....razzamafoo!  A completed poster!
I'm gonna be sellin this thing at Spectrum Live this month in Kansas City, where I'll be sharing a table with Mindy Lee and Garrett Hanna.  So come by and grab some art, or our book, or check out Garrett's beard!  

 After a long afternoon of ink, this is where I ended.  I'm happy with it.  Now to scan this monster in and put some color to it.  

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Look at This Stupid Pancake Crab Thing....

Ugh...this guy.  He's the worst. His brother, a navy seal who knows taekwondo and dates Topanga (who supposedly got hot and took some photos in her underwear for a magazine, but it's not out yet), told him that if you ever have to fight an alien to hit on the nose with a stick to kill it.  Nothing but garbage pours outta this kids mouth.  Worst part's true....ALL OF IT.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Prince Zorr, Duke of Chops

The Duke of Chops rules and holds lands north of the Gruntsworth River as sovereign.  He is the second child of the late King Zevon VI, Emperor of Verdis, and younger brother of the current king, Lord Zarren Hamfist.  Young Zorr and his brothers and sisters, were captured by the dark wizard, Blacksnout, and held in his fortress for many years.  While captive they learned and practiced the Pork Magics, a powerful sorcery based on the arcane elements formed in pigs.  

After many years in the fortress of Blacksnout, a teenage Zorr and Zarren, used their magical skills to escape.  Blasting their way through thousands of enemies, the two brothers emerged victorious in what would be later known as the Battle of Butchers.  

Also, I've almost finished the ham I cooked for Easter. A ham I've been eating for a week solid, while re-watching Game of Thrones.
 Probably explains alot.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pen to Paper: My Imaginary Friend *UPDATE*

As it turns out, there will be an accompanying book for the show.  "Pen to Paper: My Imaginary Friend" is a collection of 25 short stories by students at 826LA and illustrated by professional artists. The book features more than 70 original pieces of artwork from artists within the animation, illustration, and comic industry from companies such as Pixar, Disney, Nickelodeon and DC Comics.

I was recently asked to be part of the upcoming show from GRWorks in cooperation with 826LA, "Pen to Paper:  My Imaginary Friend." 
“Pen to Paper” is part of an ongoing series of curated shows for the pop-up gallery, which promotes artists in commercial art and supports youth arts in Los Angeles. Students from 826LA created stories around the idea of spending a day with their imaginary friends.
Here's a few of the artists contributing along with myself:

Robert Kondo
Joe Pitt
Shiyoon Kim
Joe Mingoo Lee
Patrick Osborne
Daniel Arriaga
Matt Nolte
Bruce Smith
Chris Sasaki
Pam Tu
Lissa Treiman
Bobby Pontillas
Scott Watanabe
Carrie Liao
Josie Trinidad
Jeff Turley
Everett Downing
Tony Akins
Nicholas Orsi
John Kahrs
Willie Real
Katia Grifols

Here's a peek at some pieces for the show

Saturday, March 30, 2013


I haven't really posted any artwork for Wildstar, but since Carbine Studios has released a metric ton of it over the past couple months, I felt it was time to remedy that.

This project was incredibly fun to work on and I think it shows.   If you didn't know about Wildstar before...shame on you.  Because its bad ass. Loftis stamp on that one.  Bad ass. 

Check out their video that sums it up after all the artwork.  And sign up for the beta.  And play it.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Ralph. Tomorrow. Purchase.

Wreck-It-Ralph arrives on DVD and the Blue Rayz tomorrow, so to celebrate I thought I'd post some random Ralph art that I worked on. All artwork in this post © Disney.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


These were done late....without a purpose....just to draw.  Put a couple of them up on tumblr a few weeks back.  I'm gonna try to get back to some more organized stuff soon. The experimenting is fun, but at the moment its not really going anywhere.  And I have lots of work to get done!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


I logged in to my priest to pvp some, but its just so damn humiliating to die slowly as paladins and druids spin around you with that idiotic mouse spaz thing they love doing.  I'm working on my bg set, but going into pvp as a brand new, dripping wet 90, doesn't make for a fun I drew!

I wanted to make one of those grungy, photocopy collage gig flyers.  But as I drew angry punk scene women I realized I had to invent a band to make the flyer for.  Couldn't think of crap.  Then I thought, eh, its for a birthday party instead.  But like a kid's party, only with angry women grunge graphics.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Unsolicited Wizardry

Sat down and just started painting.  Seemed silly to just leave everything just sitting in a folder on my desktop.  I was just trying some stuff out while looking at a photo of sleeping beauty's castle.  It took off from there.  It was virtually impossible for me to just leave them as straight environment paintings.  I must have a disease or something that prevents me from painting anything without trying to be funny or ironic.  You have no idea how hard I fought myself NOT to paint a wizard, or a monster, or a robot into that last piece.  I put one

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Don't Make it Weird

Also,  i'm trying out this tumblr thing all the kids are talking about.  You can check it out here:

And there's this.  Painted it a while back.

Here's a Christmas card I painted. When I asked my wife if she liked it, she said "Who's it for?"
Not a good sign.  When I was informed that our relatives might not like seeing organs, even cartoony ones, I started over with a lovely image of a couple of birds.  Plus now that I look at it, it sort of reads as some sort of restraining order valentine's day card with a christmas theme.  What the hell was I thinking.  Now you folks get to enjoy this mistake... LUCKY YOU!